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Tai Chi Chuan which means 'Supreme Ultimate Boxing' is the most well known Internal Martial Art of China. Unlike most other martial arts it's main focus is to defeat hard with soft, even when compared to other Internal Martial Arts this concept is still most prevalent. There is also much emphasis on the principles of Tai Chi such as Yin and Yang, sensitivity, and the understanding of Chi Energy. This means that there can be a deep underlying skill which can be turned to any martial art and any technique. But these skills can also be used to improve general health and happiness as the principles of Tai Chi are taken from the 'Tao' or 'Natural Way of Things', so the student is simply learning how to harmonise with everything around them
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  Form Syllabus's

Yang Style
(1st Cross)
    Forms Push Hands Application  

are done mostly slow and controlled for better feeling and are a great way to improve health, stability and movement

Push Hands
is an integral part of developing sensitivity and understanding of Tai Chi as well as bridging the gap between the forms and the fighting
can only really be performed properly after a good foundation of form and push hands has been achieved