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Agenda 2017

March 25th - Shui Tao Grading

May 12th - Longfei Semiar - Bagua/Xingyi

June 3rd - Shui Tao Grading

July 15th - Tai Chi Inter-Fest (Professor Li)

July 16th - Tai Chi Inter-Fest (Professor Li)

July 16th - BCCMA Championships

September 1st - Longfei Peng Jin Seminar

September 2nd - Shui Tao Grading

September 23rd- Shui Tao Club Day & Party

September 29th Longfei - Peng Jin Seminar

October 13th - Longfei Semiar - Bagua/Xingyi

October 13th - Longfei Semiar - 32 Tai Chi Sword and/or 42 Tai Chi

October 30th - Tai Chi Championships

December 2nd - Shui Tao Grading

My 1st Black Belt Student

Congratulations to Ben Craigie for being awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt on 12th March 2017.
Ben has been my student for around 12 years now and has done very well to stick with the riggers of learning a martial art and to adapt to my constantly evolving system of Shui Tao.
Ben has had to change his training as I have changed mine and has always been the first to tackle each syllabus as I have designed it!
12 years is a long time to reach black belt for most systems of martial art you will find today which usually take from 3 - 5 years, but Shui Tao is a very extensive system covering many disciplines, and I believe it is paramount that students only proceed to the next level when they have reached a sound standard in the last.
A black belt student should then be of sound fitness, have a good knowledge of all the techniques from yellow belt up, be courageous and solid when tested, being able to rely on his basic capability to defend himself when needed, as well as the tenacity to dig in and keep going when the time calls. All of this Ben has demonstrated and more!
This condition then gives the opportunity to begin the more advanced learning which needs the fore mentioned attributes underlying to really progress and develop the mind, this is when the training becomes exciting, if you're into that kind of thing!