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Tessa Aston






"Thanks Stuart we would recommend you every time!!!"

"Having very little knowledge or experience of gyms or how to develop any measure of fitness through exercise - in fact, we were decidedly unfit and unhealthy, we decided that we really needed help. By sheer luck we were appointed an amazing and talented Personal Trainer, Stuart, who has been our keen motivator ever since. Without Stuart and his intuitive coaching it is unlikely that we would have maintained our now frequent attendance at the gym. His patience and understanding of what we need from our sessions has made visiting Fitness First an enjoyable and often amusing experience. He has encouraged us to try new ways to exercise, and push ourselves that bit further. He has been well tested as we have often been hesitant and lacking in confidence, but he has persevered and so our assurance has grown. It is to his credit alone that we our now enthusiastic about exercise, look forward to our coaching sessions and are determined to continue developing to a greater level of fitness - assuming Stuart's nerves can stand it."


"a Competition which absolutely terrified me"

"Four and a half years ago - that's when I joined Fitness First!  Like a lot of people personal traumas had made me look at myself and want to make changes.  I was unfit, overweight (still working on that), lacking self-confidence, low self-esteem and was so unsure of myself that my youngest daughter agreed to work out with me.  We visited the gym, signed the joining papers, and realised that we would need advice on what exercise to do - hence the need for a Personal Trainer.  I was really worried, but needn't have been, Stuart Ford was amazing from the first meeting.  He seemed to sense what we needed to do and ensured that each session was enjoyable, yet demanding.  After a year my interest had increased but, my daughter had decided that she couldn't maintain the commitment.  Now it was me and Stuart.  It was harder as all the focus was on me and the training programmes became more challenging.  The more I tried to duck out of things the harder Stuart worked to keep me going, gradually I could see progress.  I can't imagine how he kept his patience - that's Stuart, he never gives up. He knows what you are capable of and piles on the encouragement, then there's that wonderful moment when you succeed and he smiles - yes, he's right again, you can do it!!
Next came goals.  I agreed to jog the Race for Life in 2007 - a new direction involving jogging round a park with Stuart.  The number of times he's literally pushed me round, but once again I achieved the goal.  Before I caught my breath I had somehow agreed to run the 5km Friday run along the Serpentine in
London.  I was beside myself when I completed that task ...who also takes credit? - Stuart!!!  Oh, yes I also ran the 2008 Race for Life, my idea but with Stuart's training and encouragement behind me. Little steps but big progress.
Stuart encouraged me to begin Tai Chi to help cope with the stress I was feeling through work, and in February 2008 he invited me to join his Kung Fu club which I'd been pestering him about for ages, but couldn't join because I hadn't reached the level of fitness needed.   By October 2008 I'd gained my first belt and taken part in a competition which absolutely terrified me, but I came home with a bronze medal and a sense of pride. Thanks for believing in me and giving me the chance, Stuart.
In 2009 I'm taking on new challenges, and particularly enjoy OPT when I get to work out beside Stuart.  He's been an inspiration to me and I can't thank him enough.  He's influenced many parts of my life and has taught me so much about myself, exercise and nutrition.  I feel fitter, toned and more confident, though there's still a long way to go yet.  I've changed my job, my life and nothing gets in the way of my PT and Martial Art sessions.  Once in a lifetime you come across a special person - that's Stuart Ford, MY PERSONAL TRAINER!!!"

Tessa Aston

"I have been one of Stuart's clients for 7 years now and it's time to thank him for his patience and incredible passion in helping people to enjoy sports and be healthy.   My programmes and the types of exercise tried have been many and varied; throughout it all Stuart has been honest and concerned that I progress and enjoy what I am doing.  In 2004 I wanted to exercise but had no idea what to do - so came the first introduction to Stuart Ford.   He worked hard to find ways to make the sessions interesting and fun.  I remember dodge ball sessions; different ways of using a Swedish ball + weights; being pushed round the park whilst protesting that I couldn't run; using logs and fallen trees for push-ups and balancing exercises; jumping on to and into tyres and learning to use a sledge hammer!!  Since then I have learned so much, participated in a 5km Serpentine run, a couple of Race for Life events, taken up Kung Fu, Tai Chi, enjoy Traditional Fitness School, and more recently, added Nei Chuan.  Stuart has been so supportive and from him I have learned much about myself, nutrition and exercise.  If you are looking for a trainer who genuinely wants you to achieve the best, is honourable and honest then Stuart is the trainer for you.



Steven Saise


Ben Craigie


Toby Capwell


'Traditional Fitness is by far the best fitness class I've ever taken'
Toby is Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection, one of the UK's great collections of fine and decorative art. He's also a champion jouster, who competes every year in major international tournaments, fighting in full plate armour on horseback and on foot, on the continent and in the UK, the USA, Canada, and even Australia. Not many people know that real jousting is alive as well as a competitive sport, but it is growing all the time with more than 100 competitors practicing worldwide.

'My fitness requirements are sometimes a little out of the ordinary, but Stuart always comes up with unusual but highly effective training regimes for me. Its always different, never gets boring, and the results come very fast. His knowledge and training have been instrumental in keeping me at the top of the international ranking for nearly two years now.'

'Traditional Fitness is by far the best fitness class I've ever taken. The exercises are changing continually, are always challenging, and are totally relevant to everyday life. Everything is derived from real world activity, useful, working fitness- its helped my speed, strength, balance, and most importantly, physical and mental awareness.'

'Stuart is an extremely
 versatile trainer, with a very wide range of knowledge and experience- he can always come up with the right thing for you at the right time. I've had a stiff, weak left wrist for nearly 20 years; it was broken in fall from a horse in the early 90s, and I have been reluctant to use it ever since, and it has never stopped hurting. Stuart helped me make it strong again in quite a short time- I couldn't believe it. It doesn't hurt anymore and I have a lot more movement and strength in it again. I didn't think it was possible. He works magic with kettlebells. Thanks Stuart!'

Antonio Santana


Leo Borwick

"Stuart is an experienced and conscientious personal trainer, who combines scientific and martial arts knowledge and traditions in his practice.  He uses his knowledge and experience to great effect in creating well-structured and dynamic training that is tailor-made to fit his clients' individual needs and challenges. For me this has helped to overcome long-standing postural weaknesses and to do things like taking up martial arts at the age of 50 that I never thought I could achieve."


Leslie West


Nathan Welton


Imogen Welton

Hi I'm Imogen the pictures above are me.

Kung fu has been inspirational and amazing ever since I
joined, we practise at a school in Witham and we go every
Monday and I have enjoyed every last bit of it. I started last year
and have been going over a year I am now a green belt, Yay!
I've had my ups and downs at Kung fu, I got a bit stressed at
first but I'm finally progressing all thanks to Stuart, he has
always helped me get back up on my feet if I feel down.
The competition that we had in October was a great
experience and it was inspirational, if you like this sort of stuff
it would be a great idea for you to come along and have a
try. At first when I walked on the matt I was shaking and I
thought I couldn't do it but then my friend was there with me
and she help me though getting my nerves out of the way
she was a great help, if it wasn't for her I don't think I could
have done it but when I started doing it I felt like I was
When I first joined Kung fu I was clueless of what we would
have to do but then I went for it and got stuck in there, Kung
fu is good for self defence I love going to Kung fu where I
can express my feelings the way I kick the pads or punch
the pads or like how enthusiastic you can be, you've just got
to get in there and you will be fine!

By Imogen Welton x

James Murphy


Jasmine Murphy


Justin Murphy

I look forward to every Saturday morning when I have my Kung Fu class with Stuart. The sparring is great fun! The line work really works my legs and I feel I am getting really strong and fit. Stuart is a great teacher and also makes me laugh – he sometimes calls me a teapot! I also like mountain biking in the forest, roller hockey, rock climbing and caving.

Justin Murphy

Ryan Murphy

My favourite thing about Kung Fu is......everything! I love doing high kicks, learning new tricks and learning how to fight with sticks!! Kung Fu is absolutely brilliant – I never want to stop. Stuart makes Kung Fu look really easy but I when tried to push him over and he was like a tree trunk! Kung Fu is my favourite hobby but I also love abseiling, surfing, skiing and fishing.

Ryan Murphy

Dalton Mansfield

You can punch, you can bite, you can scratch, but nothing can beat The Side Kick of Fury!!

Dalton Mansfield
'With great power and a lot of sweat, a weekly session with Stuart, now I'm a threat.'

'I may look weak, I may be small, but I know all the moves to make you fall!'

                                               By Jake Collis

Mitchel Payne


Lyn Buitenhuis

I have been training with Stuart for the past 10 month now on a shoulder injury that would never get better. The training programme he put together has helped me so much and he explained all the movements in full detail. He is very patient and an excellent trainer i would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. 


Ben Caisey

Really enjoyed Functional Fitness Class, as always Stuart mixes up the exercises which is interesting. It would be good if there was maybe another class, perhaps on a weekend would be good, I'm sure it would be popular as there is only ever 10 spaces available.

Date: Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Time: 6-7pm
Venue: Whitton Sports Centre, Ipswich

B. Caisey